Navigating the new way of working.

Life right now, feels like It is sitting on our shoulders. Restrictions have changed, what feels like daily, and we are all feeling it. We are frightened, worried, concerned, and we are all ready to go and squeeze our loved ones and cry with joy and happiness.

Whilst our wonderful NHS staff are fighting the fight on the front line, we are fighting our own battles, as we stay isolated from others, whether thats staying away from certain people because worry of infection, or just not being able to touch a hand of our loved ones. It is hard.

We were not prepared for this.

Whilst I am severely grateful to our NHS staff for putting up the fight on the front line, today, I want to talk to you. You, who may be at home, working from home, isolating at home or anything of a similar nature.

Today, in whatever your situation you find yourself in, it is important to make a routine. When I say a routine, yes make a daily routine, but I specifically mean a routine for Y O U. You can’t have ‘feed the kids’ in that routine. You cant have ‘work from 9-5 on the computer whilst sitting on the couch’, on there either. I mean, a routine for only you.


Make the morning, a place of peace, and a place of harmony. Create a time of daybreak, that allows your mind to be woken up in a manner of serenity. If this means not watching the news straightaway, please don’t do it. If this means, not looking at your phone, keep it next to your bed, until you feel ready.

If your morning routine includes you having time to eat, maybe meditate, clean the kitchen, open the curtains, or open the backdoor, then go for it.

YOU know YOU best. So make your morning about you. Make yourself happy in the morning. Make sure this time is for you. This is really important. Make sure you are doing this, and make sure it is for YOU.

Listen to your body, Listen to your mind.

Recently, my body has told me that I need more fresh air. It’s now turned into something like a craving. I loath to be out in the open air, in the country, walking through the fields. If jared wants to pop to a shop to buy a treat in the evening, I go so I can stick my head out of the window like a dog. (LOL!) This is me, listening to my body, and my mind.

Im well aware that there are many things that we want to do that we can not do right now. If you are saddened by the thought of pressing down these thoughts, then DONT. DO NOT suppress these. Write them down, put them in a jar, and when this is all over, make sure you act on ALL of those wants from the past you.

Please listen to what your body and mind say right now. You know yourself better than any other being on the planet. You know what you need. You know what you don’t need.

Ending the day.

If you’re anything like me, my mind is very busy. It feels this way from the minute I wake up till the minute I go to sleep. This is where you will need to create a special ending to your day. Create a night routine that works for you. If this means going upstairs and watching something in bed.. do it. If this means hitting shuteye early, then do it. Make sure again, you do this for you. Make sure that the ‘nightime you‘, is as peaceful as the ‘morning you.’

The current climate is difficult to comprehend and to understand. I still have days where I have to remember what Is going on outside the walls of my home. It still saddens me that I can not hug my loved ones, and that my little people are growing up without having me there to interact them with them properly.

This time will pass, time will heal the passed opportunities of being able to attend weddings, funerals, parties, births and much much more.

We will be united together again. In whatever capacity that may be. We will be able to celebrate all celebrations that have been missed.

We will be united again. Do not be discouraged, time will be swept away. Be kind, help others, move forward, look towards the future with hope.


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