Mental Health Help Vol. 2

Thank you to those who read my ‘Vol. 1’ of this mini series I am doing. I may do more if you like them and want me to continue? If you do, let me know in the comments below!

In the first volume I spoke about 3 different ways you could improve your mental health. I want to concentrate on 3 other possible ways that could help. Please note though, I am in no way a professional, but these are some helpful tips that have worked for me, and that I have seen a difference in my life because of them.

  1. Change your attitude towards your mental health.

Im fully aware this is easier said than done. It has taken a VERY long time to even say that mental health is the same as physical health. (Equal.) Mental Health needs to be taken seriously, because it is serious! I want you to change your attitude towards it.

I want you to imagine that it is a broken vase. A Broken vase, that you are desperately trying to piece together. I can imagine you are frustrated as you are not able to fix it easily, quickly and simply. Have you heard about what the Japanese do when they mend broken objects? They fill the cracks with gold, because they believe that when something’s suffered damage it has a history and it becomes more beautiful.

This is how we should be treating our mind. We should act as though, now that we have history, we are beautiful. Because.. we are.

Lets try and mend ourselves with kindness. The Kindness, care and love is the gold. It is through these golden traits that will allow our mind to heal.

2. Connection.

Connect with your friends, family, or help from Mental Health groups, therapists, anyone that you can truly connect, be yourself, and if you go over to the NHS page here, you will be able to see that under ‘connect’ you can search and download online community apps.

These connective relationships will be able to allow your mind to see that you are not alone. You can have some emotional support from your peers and gives you an opportunity to share your positive experiences.

Allow yourself time to grow and feel comfortable with sharing your thoughts and feelings with others. I have met a lot of people, who like me, loves listening to others talk about their problems, so that we can uplift, reassure, motivate, inspire, share support and give love.

Please give your friends the opportunity to help you. Maybe you can help them to, if you feel up to it? Sometimes helping each other, just happens naturally. (Which in my favourite way!)

3. Learn a new skill.

If you’re anything like me, learning a new skill is actually quite tough. However, when I was on holiday, I felt at ease learning something new. Stop pressuring yourself for things to be perfect. Especially the first time you do something. (I literally do this constantly).

Allow yourself time to be better, grow, and become comfortable and skilful.. with your new skill!

It is NATURAL to not be perfect at it. Try not to beat yourself up. Allow yourself to try something new!

As we come to an end, I just wanted to share a reminder, that our Mental Health is of equal importance to our physical health. They are intertwined and engraved in each other.

Take care of yourselves. Especially as we go back into normality. It will be another tough transition, but we can do this, together.


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