How to shop on black friday

Black Friday is coming up super soon, and I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks that are key for this day.

First off, I know this year is different. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Next year is going to be different, and I personally think it will be better than this year. There are always bargains. On the other hand.. Im going to say something harsh to some, but also, don’t put pressure on yourself to buy from Small Businesses (right now).

I know that a lot of people can not afford to go to small business’ right now. Especially during Christmas time. If you are one of these people, it is ok. This year has been so overly weird and wacky that if you need to shop the best bargains around, that is ok, normal, understandable and all of the rest.

  1. Be Ready

Set up accounts for the Online Shops that you want to buy from. Make sure your address is already entered onto the site, and your details set up. This allows you to have a more easy, quick and accessible shopping trip! (lockdown style… so online basically.. haha!)

  1. Budget

Set a Budget. I know this is maybe a given, but also not. We know that Black Friday comes with good deals, but sometimes we need a ‘cap’ to make sure we don’t go crazy. Go through your budget to make sure you have set enough aside for the bargains you want to get hold of, and what you are prepared to spend.

(Also, maybe create a savings pot throughout the year to spend on Black Friday so that you’ve saved up some extra monies!)

  1. Research

This is more key than you realise! What products do you want? Then you need to see what shops are selling the product that you want. You can get the best deals from a lot of different places, so don’t be shy! Get the best bargain, and do a little bit of research!

  1. Create YOUR list

Create a list of products you want to spend some monies on. This will also help with the above – research! If you know what items you want, it will help you to find out which shop has the best price for your list.

It also helps with organising so you mind is not cluttered with everything you need to remember on the day. When writing your list, make sure you jot down every shop that has the best bargains. You can also, if you want to go above everyone else.. find out which shop actually has the better Black Friday deals! You can do this by asking google which Fashion brand is the best for Black Friday deals? And other questions just like this!

  1. Buy Classic Design

Classic Designs are usually timeless. This means that you will get the most out of those pieces for a great bargain price. You get longevity and savings… I mean.. what more would you want?!

  1. Join their Club

Subscribe to them! Put your email in and make sure you are ready to hit the Brands deals as soon as they go live! Make sure you keep an eye on your emails.. and be ready for LIFTOFF!

  1. Don’t be Patient!

If you see a great deal… DON’T HESISTATE.

ESPECIALLY if you know that the product is sought highly after!

I know that sometime brands bring down the prices of certain products throughout ‘Cyber Week’ but what you have to remember is, the KEY pieces go quickly. If you know of a certain product that everyone wants, its pretty much guaranteed that you need to get your hands on it fast and quick!

Don’t hesitate if you see and want that deal! (You can always return it, remember?!)

  1. The Best Staples

Staples are my favourite type of product to go for in a situation like this. I like to shop for the bigger deals, that get me what I want for the best price of the year.

  1. Know where to buy

I know, this is basically banging on about Research again, but it is so key to make sure that you know where the best deals come from. Google will tell you so much that you need to know. Do some solid research if your serious about deals. Also.. I know I said the word ‘serious’ in that sentence, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Just concentrate on the ones you want to purchase!

  1. Don’t worry too much

Overall, don’t worry! Sales and Deals come and go in the retail world, and there will be another Sale in the future. If you can’t afford something that you want to get this year, then don’t worry. There’s always January sales, Easter sales etc etc.

Sales should not be stressful, so don’t feel bad babe. You’ve got this.


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