Black Friday; “The Makeup Edit”

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Beauty & makeup these days can be so expensive. I sometimes don’t even tell my husband how much I spend on makeup as most of the time he is horrified…..which is exactly why I am here to share with you the best Makeup brands to shop at this weekend.

Here are just a few of the biggest Beauty Brands with the Biggest sales right now! I only wanted to share the ones that I know are fabulous, because that is exactly what you deserve.

Urban Decay Stoned Vibes

This is the new Stoned Urban Decay pallette, and it is on offer right now! Urban Decay are selling it for a bargain! (see below!) This pallette is extremely pigmented, the glitter is intense and they are Duo-creme shades. These colours are also perfect for the Christmas season. Yes, we may not be able to go out as much as we could before, but does that mean we don’t use high quality makeup on ourselves? NOPE. Quite the opposite.

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£46 £27.60

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet

Oh. my. gosh. This pallette screams new years to me. How gorgeous are these colours?! It has such a wide range of colours here, which also go perfectly with each other. Also.. can we just appreciate that mirror? For me.. a mirror inside of a pallette is KEY.

Click Here

£43 £25.80

Urban Decay Naked Cherry

Reds are my favourite colours to wear on my face, but I can’t pull off a strong solid red. These cherry colours are the perfect combination of red and pinks that I just love. These colours would get so much use!!

Click here

£43 £25.80

Build your own Lip Kit

Charlotte Tilbury is known for its gorgeous lipsticks. This kit is such good value for money, as these are usually £25 each. These have a great consistency and great texture. Pillow talk original is the best selling colour.. and there is a reason for that!!

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£75.00 £52.50

Scent of a Dream Kit

You know when you just want to feel like the dream you’ve always dreamt? This kit is for that exact moment. Grab this deal and get two for price of one dream. Dreams are for your pillow, and for you lips, are for your nose.

Click Here

£93.00 £65.10

Charlotte’s Magic Flawless Filter Kit

This kit in my opinion is one of the best. Concealer is a must in any makeup kit and the fact that this comes with that as well as the foundation, says a lot. With this, comes the ability to chose the colour of your foundation as well as your concealer.

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£58.00 £46.40

Magnificent Metals Shimmer & glow

These bad boys are the REAL. DEAL. These are raved about by the professionals in the makeup industry, and they are on sale. These are so perfect for Christmas day makeup, as well as THE perfect stocking filler. This perfect cream is made for the eyes.. but it can always be used elsewhere too… I like disobeying the conventional rules.

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£24.00 £16.00

The Stay All Day Concealer

Another great steal of a bargain. This concealer is made of cream and is the best opportunity for your eyes to lose its bags, all day and for you go and purchase the bags you actually want. This gorgeous stocking filler is always a win, and its also blendable to make sure it fits in with any makeup routine.

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£15.50 £7.75

Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner

I mean.. who doesn’t want a waterproof liner that stays all day? Because I know I do! This liner comes in gorgeous colours to be in theme throughout the year, and not just for Christmas. And yes.. another bargain price!

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£16.00 £10.88

There are so many more great products that are within these brands websites that I could just go list their whole line. (I won’t as I know that will bore everyone and myself), but go and check the rest of the sites out!

Remember, its always best to research what you want before Friday, so you can head over there and get the best deal.

Love you guys! xo


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