All pieces on this page are in a timeless style. This means, that they can be staple pieces in your wardrobe.

They can be worn in this season, every year. Remember to take special care of your clothes so that you can wear them year after year.

One of my all time favourite retail brands. Their creations are always so flattering and my style all over.


The one tip I have for buying from mango, always size at least 1 size up that your usual size. I have had to send back quite a few pieces and get the next size up as they have been too small. Don’t feel discouraged… every single retail brand has different sizing. (I know.. crazy right?!)

This is such a cute brand that has the most stunning jewellery that have some super great options for the spring/summer.

They are quite an affordable brand, which makes it easy to spend more than you realise… oops!


Don’t be afraid to be bold with colour of jewellery. You do you. Be who you are.

High retail… but I found some good pieces for you.


Purchase pieces that will stand the test of time in your wardrobe. Luxury iconic pieces make the best purchases.. in my opinion. Also – a classic T from Reiss isn’t as expensive as you think… luxury retail with a cheaper tag than you thought… you’re welcome!

A luxury selling website – with a crucial Pre-Owned section ready for your wardrobe.


Don’t be afraid to invest in a luxury bag. Go for a white, Black, grey or tan to be your first pick. It is important to look in the right place…. which happens to be Farfetch. Here are some that I have found in the pre-owned section of their website. They are also on sale…. you’re welcome, again!

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